In attendance:



  • Update on finding replacements and plans for turnover
    1. At Large: Eeshan Bhatt, Megan Jones, Mallory Ringham
    2. Geo: Ben Urann
    3. Bio: Ian Jones
    4. Chem: Julia Middleton
    5. Engineering: Genevieve Flaspohler
    6. PO: Suzi Clark
      1. If no one else says they want to run, we won’t need an election
      2. Lizzie will confirm with nominees and set up a changeover meeting
      3. Then will also send out an announcement
      4. Some roles will have separate meetings with incoming reps
  • Plans for report to OGE for renewal of funding
    1. Rachel updated last year’s letter with our budget things
    2. Need new pictures and for people to look at the text
    3. Not submitting until all of the funding requests have gone through
  • Center pieces for JP reunion
    1. Kris ordered flowers - no longer students doing this
  • Update on swag orders
    1. Order going in next week
    2. APO is buying their own jackets, too
  • Update on shed
    1. Rachel/Lizzie will go talk to Sustainability office in person
    2. Lizzie will also talk to Seb about kayak czar position
  • JP Car updates/issues
    1. JP Car may no longer have parking in Stata? Seems like new spot is very far from the Green Building
    2. Could use the jp car for transient students to get groceries